The Power of Chi

Would you like to increase your confidence and command respect? Personal power sets you free from the unwanted influence or intimidation of others. People who have a lot of personal power can seemingly have and achieve what they want and avoid the things that they do not want. Personal power is something that you can develop to better your life, achieve success and live on your terms.

The type of energy associated with personal power is Chi (or Qi in Japanese). Chi is the energy that allows martial artists to break bricks and huge cubes of solid ice with bare hands. Chi also is the energy behind great achievements in business, athletics or personal life when someone beats all the odds and succeeds despite seemingly insurmountable obstacles. It is not the physical strength that breaks the bricks or overcomes powerful opposition. Chi is a focused and directed inner energy that fuels your personal power. The great news is that a woman’s energy body is particularly suited for circulating energy, and in this case, Chi energy. (For more information on energy body, read “Creative Sexual Energy” article here)

Your body is an energetic circuitry. Just like electricity can’t flow through broken wires, your internal energy doesn’t flow freely due to damages in your energy body. The good news is, however, Chi energy heals, repairs and strengthens the body as it flows through it.

There are a number of ways to develop Chi. Chi is best achieved under the skillful guidance of a teacher. I reveal many of my secrets of building this special energy in my Women’s Perfect Body coaching program. But here are a few ways in which you can begin increasing your Chi immediately:

Focused meditation. There are many forms of meditative practices; however, focused meditation not only develops the power of concentration, it also directly and significantly increases the flow of your Chi energy. You can focus on a flower, a candle flame or a brightly colored rock; or you can focus on one of the body’s internal energy centers, called the chakras. Try to focus on the object of your concentration with the exclusion of everything else. Every day, increase the time of your focus as it feels comfortable and watch your willpower and the ability to focus grow! (Detailed instructions for focused meditation are part of the Women’s Perfect Body Program.)

Martial arts. Managing and increasing Chi energy requires a high degree of self-control. Karate, Judo and other forms of martial arts offer a kick-butt workout that develop the body to become fast, efficient, flexible and powerful. But martial arts are as much about mental training as they are about physical fitness. Martial arts will teach you how to use your newly found power with control and grace, without becoming a bully.

Following your heart and doing what is right. There is a lot to be said about following the flow of life! You can judge whether you did what is right by how you feel afterwards. When we follow our hearts and do what is right, we feel empowered; when we do not, we block our energy flow.

Developing a successful business or career. Becoming excellent at what you do and strategically advancing your career or business not only creates value, gives you independence and a sense of accomplishment, it empowers you. And since money is power in this world, as my mentor used to say – cash flow equals energy flow.

Even though the above ways of building Chi energy involve much more than just your physical body, the confidence and assurance you get from following them will be felt at the core of your physical presence. Your mind will be clearer and you will make better decisions. You will find yourself at the right places at the right time. You will start to notice that people regard you with more respect and consideration. Your energy will increase significantly!

In addition to creating energy, you need to consider energy conservation, to avoid your efforts being like poring water through a sieve. I will write about managing and increasing your energy in the Mental Conditioning section, as well as teach it in the Women’s Perfect Body Program.

Affirmation for the day:

“Every day in every way I am becoming stronger inside and out. I resolve to succeed!”


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Article and Affirmations by Mila Diamond
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About Mila Diamond

Mila Diamond is an author, speaker and international success mentor. She believes that an outstanding life begins with optimal health and the correct mindset. Mila helps women to step into their feminine power, create success, feel refreshed and unstoppable! Mila's coaching connects the physical with a positive mental perspective and spiritual, soulful journey. With her articles on this site, Mila looks to inspire, empower and unite women from all over the world - sister to sister, heart to heart.


  1. Judy Kimbal says:

    Thanks for all your good information. The site looks new and fresh, I love the colors you choose. I signed up for your email but don’t always catch everything, when do you expect your program will be open? Will you be working with people one on one or in a group? What location and how much? I look forward to meeting you.

    Judy K

    • Mila says:

      Judy, you are welcome!

      We are in the final development and beta testing phases. Speaking of… I love getting feedback! Since we are still in development, I would like to implement as many suggestions as possible in the current release. Masterminding with customers creates the best products!

      The Live Coaching part of the program will be done via, so it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, the Program will be only an Internet connection or phone call away!

      I would like to keep the group on a smaller side, to offer more personal guidance. But if you are interested in one-on-one coaching, email me via a contact form on the Coaching page.

      We are working very hard to launch as soon as possible! Very excited about it!


  2. Christy Lee says:

    Hi Mila,

    I love this post and the affirmations throughout your posts. It is so helpful to have such valuable information just a click away.

    I don’t think I have ever succeeded against all odds. I would like to increase my Chi and be able to do this. Keep the great info coming, you are appreciated.


    ps. do you have an affirmations CD?

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