Creative Sexual Energy

Feminine sexual energy is the creative force of nature. Sexual energy is an aspect of Kundalini energy in Hindu and Buddhist traditions. Kundalini is a Sanskrit word that directly translates as a serpent or snake. The reason Kundalini is likened to a serpent is because it is coiled in and lays dormant at the base of the spine. When awakened, Kundalini energy surges up the energy channels through the body, filling your body with ecstatic pleasure. When allowed to flow freely, Kundalini energy becomes the soul’s celebration of life. (More on Energy Body and Kundalini in Mental Conditioning section)

To be more precise, Kundalini is not located in the physical body, but in the energy body surrounding the physical body, or Aura. The soul, according to Eastern philosophy, incarnates in the physical world and experiences life through the physical body. The Aura is an intelligent energy that connects the physical and spiritual worlds. “Physical”, “energetic” and “spiritual” are not opposites, but complimentary aspects of the Self. When you honor and embrace all three of these aspects, you feel whole. Kundalini energy, like a wind, carries messages between your spirit and physical Self.

Some people reject sexual energy and view it as a low urge that is not spiritual and only meant for reproduction purposes. Some people accept and enjoy sexual energy as a physical expression only. But sexual energy is the wind that connects both worlds! When you honor all aspects of yourself, including your sexuality, your body becomes an art – a beautiful, free flowing celebration of your soul, your divine nature.

Sexual energy is mistakenly linked exclusively to the acts of sex. However, Kundalini/sexual energy is at work when you create, dance, laugh and enjoy pleasures, be they physical or emotional. When you allow yourself to enjoy your body fully and with abundance, you increase the flow of Kundalini energy. Your sexual energy is a manifestation of your divine feminine nature – expansive like a river, deep and nurturing like the ocean, powerful like a spring thunderstorm and wild like weather. Goddess Kundalini is a cosmic seductress… she is irresistible. By embracing your sexual energy, you are allowing the magic of your soul to shine through your body.

Techniques for increasing feminine energy:


There are a number of techniques for awakening and increasing your energy. Dancing is an amazing way to get your Kundalini to rise! Pick different types of music – fast, slow, sensual… When you are at home alone, dance naked. Get comfortable with your body. Feel it. Enjoy it. Let it flow.

Spend time with other women. When women get together, they recharge each other. Every woman has a unique gradient of energy. By spending time with your girlfriends, whether it is pursuing your favorite hobbies, going dancing, or going shopping, you enrich each other’s feminine energy. Forget cattiness and competing for men! Support and empower each other! Our strength is in unity.

Meditating on chakras (energy centers within your energy body) directly and significantly increases the flow of Kundalini energy. At its most powerful expression, Kundalini opens the doors to high meditative states that lead to Enlightenment. I will write on meditation techniques that raise Kundalini energy in my posts, as well as teach them in the Women’s Perfect Body Program.

I invite you to embrace your sexual energy and celebrate spirit through the body. Dance freely! Do not feel shame or shy. It is beautiful! You are beautiful!

Affirmation for the day:

“I love dancing! It’s such a fun way to get fit. As I move with the music, my body becomes more flexible and graceful. Dancing awakens my feminine power.”


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Article and Affirmations by Mila Diamond
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  1. Kadira says:

    Hi Mila

    What a wonderful explanation of feminine energy. Thank you for sharing that with us.

    With Love Kadira

  2. Mila says:

    Thank you Everyone for your comments! This site is new and it is work in progress. You comments, suggestions and participation are greatly appreciated! It helps me to create content that is most relevant and the tools that will help you on your journey to your perfect body and mind.


  3. Jax says:

    Sorry – forgot to answer your question… Angelina Jolie is my hero and role model.

  4. Jax says:

    Love this poetic post, love your energy! You put my feelings into words and make me feel more accepting of myself. Thanx!


  5. Dora White says:

    I too like to dance, it really brings my energy up. Sometimes I dance at home alone, it gets me out of my head and into a better place. I really like what you say in this post about spending time with the girls, this is great advice even if you have a guy in your life. Spending time with my girlfriends gives me balance and helps me be true to myself and an even better mate to my partner. I knew all this but was becoming confused, your post really hit home and set the record straight. Thanks for the wisdom!


  6. Keri Touley says:

    Hi Mila,

    Great article! I love to dance, especially salsa! Makes me feel hot and it is a great exercise. The way you explain feminine energy and how to increase it is wild. I’ll try some of your ideas this weekend!

    Love Keri

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