Beautiful Confident You Affirmations is a mental blueprint for your success that conditions your conscious and subconscious mind for health, vitality and success.
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Creating and sustaining your perfect body is an inside job. You know you have it within you. You know that you are capable of doing what it takes!
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Beautiful Confident You Affirmations connect the physical with a positive mental perspective and spiritual, soulful journey. They include affirmations for:• Stepping into your feminine power
• Personal growth through Meditation and Gratitude
• Healthy, Whole Food Nutrition
• Healing energy of Water
• Deep, slow Breathing to Oxygenize the body and increase Metabolism
• Stretching, Flexibility and Exercise
• Handling challenges of life and stress
• Peace of Mind
• Confidence
• Invigorating Energy
• Happiness
• Beauty and Radiance
• Self-Love
• Acknowledging and Appreciating your Body