Mila Diamond and Women’s Perfect Body help Women to become all that they can imagine being and in many cases, much more.

Mila has been a successful consultant and coach for the past twenty years. Most international coaching is done via a free Internet service available from Skype has both audio and video capabilities.

In the initial private coaching session, Mila helps you to identify your goals and then customize the optimal solution to accomplish them. It could be fat loss (a little or a lot), toning up, athletic goals, general health, or nutritional advice.

At the foundation of the coaching sessions is a proprietary mental reconditioning process. You will learn and implement MAP (mental and psychic) reprogramming. Recent studies into mind science show that people do not act based on their beliefs or knowledge; instead, most people act based on their hard-wired habits from past conditioning. MAP Reprogramming erases the hard-wired habits that have been holding you back, allowing positive change and ultimate success.

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