Losing Fat, Not Weight


Here is the “skinny” on how to reduce body fat and build muscle to look and feel gorgeous, strong and healthy! One of the most attractive attributes of the female body is its radiance. If you were drawn to this website, you probably already know that a skinny, limp and weak body is not sexy [Read More…]

Stretching to Get in Shape and Reverse the Aging Process


Perhaps nothing shows the signs of aging like stiff muscles and joints. In fact, scientists and medical doctors use flexibility tests to determine your “real age”. A flexible and toned 40 year old could be younger in “real age” than a biological 25 year old couch potato. Why a stiff body makes you older Think [Read More…]

Lose Weight by Breathing… Really!


The amount of oxygen in our blood determines whether we have enough energy and the rate of our aging.  Breathing is probably the most important function of the body and oxygen is, by far, the most vital element for staying alive. Your brain cannot function without oxygen.  Without sufficient oxygen, the brain literally shuts down. You [Read More…]