Meet Mila Diamond

As a child growing up in Moscow, former Soviet Union, Mila researched science and philosophy to answer life’s biggest questions. And Mila had big questions. She was born with progressive scoliosis and then contracted tuberculosis. This resulted in living the greater part of her childhood in hospitals. At the age of 12, despite emphatic opposition from her orthopedic doctors, she put her foot down and refused to spend another day in the hospital. Mila had other plans for her life, plans like becoming a figure skater and a professional dancer, both of which she accomplished.

At the age of 26 she overcame major obstacles and with help of an underground organization, was able to escape to the USA.

As a new refugee and single parent on Welfare, and with very limited knowledge of English, Mila was faced with a new set of challenges. Once again, she pushed through and built a successful Information Technology consulting company in New York.

After healing from a major open back surgery, including six months in a body cast, Mila went on to study martial arts, earning a Brown Belt in full contact karate. Later, she pursued her passion for SCUBA diving and earned a Rescue SCUBA Diver certification.

All of these achievements were possible because Mila stepped into her power and made a decision to take control of her life. In the process, she learned specific tools for overcoming negative mental programming, doubts and fears. These tools helped her to condition herself mentally for success; this is what she teaches.


Mila is an author, speaker and success mentor with clients worldwide. She believes that an outstanding life begins with optimal health and the correct mindset. She created MAPTM (mental and psychic) Reprogramming tools, which are the foundation of the Women’s Perfect Body Program. With MAPTM Reprogramming technology, you can finally overcome livelong, subconscious roadblocks.

Mila is founder of Women’s Perfect Body and CEO of Diamond Mind Coaching, LLC. She teaches from the heart and accepts no less than the best from each client. She works brilliantly with women, helping them to permanently break through limitations and achieve amazing results.

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